the artist duo

Urska Golob & Fransisca Tan

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Dr. Urska Golob

is a Slovenian-based researcher, lecturer and graphic designer, specializing in interdisciplinary concepts and intersections of visual art and science. As educator at the Faculty of Design she conducts exploratory workshops and classes, focusing on bridging contemplative practices with sense design. 

Researcher, designer, visual communicator, mindfulness educator based in Bohinj & Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ing. Fransisca Tan MSc Bakk.phil.

is an Austrian-born food experience designer and international project manager with a background in gastronomy, cognitive sciences, communication & media and IT, who explores human experiences, meaning-making, and community arts through the multisensory world of food. You may know her as co-founder of the Vienna Food Festival, her Social Business Restaurant Kantine in der Brotfabrik or some of her international food design.

Food Experience Designer & International Projectmanager based in  Vienna, Austria

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